Welcome to Killari Jewellery 


The designer draws her inspiration from a vast array of sources, specially her travels and the experiences that come with it. KILLARI’s first collection; is a blend of bohemian vibe and glam style.


Experimenting with different textures and colors in a series of innovative geometric inspired shapes and street-chic influenced designs with a twist, the collection features a unique and ever-changing statement collection, allowing the wearer to mix and match to create a uniquely flexible look.


For this collection in particular; If I would have to name my muse, she will be: “versatility”; an idea I’ve been playing around for years, having a adaptable or interchangeable piece of jewellery that revamps itself.  By mixing the intrinsic beauty of natural stones with the geometrical inspired theme, I managed to create a series of delicate yet distinctive pieces with an edge that bring a cool allure to your everyday outfits”.



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