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Silver rotational pendant featuring two contrasting semi-precious stones

If you’re a fun-loving fashionista, this is the statement piece you’ve been searching for. YLLA offers two different looks in one single pendant.



Lime green turquoise

Black Agate

Comes in a signature pouched bag


This item's measurements are:

Pendant: 4in / 10cm


Silver ball chain: 25in / 64 cm


Ribbon drop: 15in / 38cm



Limited edition pendant based in the stone shape and availability. Shading, size, and shape may vary.



The refreshingly original and creatively crafted pendant explores innovations in material, color and design and reflects Killari collection’s signature style, a modern mix of natural semiprecious stones, dramatic proportions, and geometric-inspired lines reflected in unexpected jewellery pieces.

The one-of-a-kind pendant was inspired in Killari’s essence: versatility. Along with the designer obsession for finding unusually stunning semi-precious stones. The result is a striking two hand-selected cabochon stones framed in a cutting edge pendant.


Saturday Shopping Spree, for a marathon-shopping spree, slip into a pair of midrise denim shorts and tuck in a slim-fitting tank. Elevate your comfy look into dressy-casual daytime style with YLLA Green Turquoise and Black Agate pendant, a pair of high-impact sneakers and your glitzy jacket.


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