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A bespoke Panama Hat featuring handmade embroidery semi-precious embellishments inspired by the Azure colors of Santorini Island.  

Item can be sold separately from the Santorini set, however buying one item only will incur in a variation of the price due to availability of material and stones.

Classic Natural Brimmed Panama Hat, Aficionado Style.

Black grosgrain ribbon featuring handmade embroidery 

Semi-precious stones Hat details: Blue Agate, Tagua from Ecuador and Kyanite

    This item's measurements are: 

    Hat Size: S   M    L

    Brim size: 7cm


    A BEAUTIFUL setting is bound to stir emotions.

    Inspired by white-colored cottages, cerulean skies and crystal blue waters, the SANTORINI set is designed specially for the SOPHISTICATED woman who is forever in a JOURNEY, the one who gathers stories to tell, who is always hunting for adventures and always doing it with strength, own personality and GRACE.


    Channel some old school European glamour by wearing the new SANTORINI Panama Hat with handmade embroidery and various semi-precious stone appliqués. 


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